Wednesday, November 11, 2009



It’s like a tilt in a specific direction that beckons to me to see deeply; it hinges on a primal thirst for Darkness
This feeds the eyes like fluid that ensues clarity; I then can ride The Darkness like a chariot in conquest
Cloaked in it...flowing as it; unbridled in a thick propensity of effect and yet, I surface and am drawn to this
Remnant like a swatch, faded still, like an old rug in an old house in an old time; I want to tear it up but....
It’s not mine; it was at some time but, no longer yet, I want to show where it is torn and frayed; coming apart
From the very start; unraveling like a poorly written plot with so many holes that I forgot to start to mark them
Dizzying in the inconsistencies hinged on falsified treatments of untruths; dots that can never be connected
For there are no points of origin for the flagrant testaments of man and his ideological dream work
Would I be just to say “Hey, these books; ancient graphic novels are comics and relief of the times grown old?”
Would that be too bold? “And these stone monoliths on stolen ground wherein lies are found are unsound”
How would that sound? Just because it was made doesn’t make it real; when souls you steal away to prey on
And how fear was spawn about the very dawn of existence: The Darkness; I have been inclined to correct this
It rises through my eyes as I realize the millions of horrors placed upon land and man because of delusional Tales that left trails of death unanswered and truth unrequited to this day they play with guns in hand in fields of
The Sands of time; blind in their faith, blind to the industrial-religious game being played with toy soldiers
That bleed with no heed taken for human life; like pawns playing out an age old game of chess by kings
If I’d be that still small voice in the wilderness I would awaken those with bloodlust democratic cause
And psychotic religious laws and simply say stop and drop the guns, look what your war has done
Yet, my inclination is not set on purpose or cause nor has it anything to do with wars or laws
I am driven towards the apparent; that which is feared or ignored, I explore, and open the doors to freedom
And make seen that which we have been convinced that we shouldn’t see; the apparent unseen beckons to me
And all shall be revealed as I speak freely; to this, it can be ripped away, for slightly under the surface
It decays, everything that the doctrines say; it now flakes away and rhetoric of coming days to promote craze
2012 is a beveled attempt to circumvent the inevitable shifting paradigm; to create a rift in this gift
Of awareness as the wool is pulled over the eyes of mankind; the truth lies, it clouds the mind, makes it blind
To see reality because of the distracting refracting stories that fill the air with fear and light creating shadows
Everywhere; love and light to make you feel alright when you are not; some light work is not work at all
It is fluff, around inane stuff, creating spiritual powder puffs; people running off to die in the light
That someone else shines. I’ve delved into the Darkness of self and found Nothing Else that matters
As the mirrors of false selves shatter in the illusionary ride of false pride and footprints by your side
Wake up; it’s all made up; feeding you false hope so that you can cope, as bad as alcohol and dope!
Damn it, it is all inside; it is you and what you are inclined to do and not a thing that they have shown to you
If you take it all away; anything that you have heard them say, what is left? For me it was Nothing...
Maybe for you it is something else; for me it was the Darkness of/in my depth. When you dig what do you get?
What are you inclined to; what is coursing through you? What are you neglecting to do? What is deep within?
Where are you truly going? And are you being mislead without you even knowing? The trick is not to turn
Until you learn to listen from within to what you are truly saying; I speak not of the voices in your head
But, the Silent Whisper instead, by which your inclination is led from its primal depth to be integrated yet
To be the artist that paints clearly the things that we thought we didn’t see...and s/he so effortlessly make seen
The calligrapher with the unseen stroke like the samurai with closed eyes; where discipline strives and time
Subsides so that the strides of the warrior are clear and complete to a place where no one else can compete
This-there-then is where inclination begins and the artist/warrior never ends the path to personal excellence
And the relevance of inexplicable depth realized through the eyes of projected pristine expression therein

Friday, October 30, 2009

Checked Inventory: There's Nothing Left

Checked Inventory: There’s Nothing Left

So as I scan to see what is truly inside of me I am released; freed, so to speak, because I no longer lie to me
It’s not about God, truth, or peace, I looked in there and there is Nothing inside of me; empty and full of release
There is no body here, mushin; no mind, no spirit to hear it, no soul to hold; I am out of inventory and feigned
Age old glory and mythic religious stories; gone along, so long...I held these fantasies as truth to me
And I like a child believed in my religious Santa Clauses and rules of thumb that I was under; what a blunder
And like in the Wizard of Oz I pulled the curtain away and there was no God....yes, I said it, where then
Is the lightning to strike me down in my blasphemy; and who is here to tear out my heretical tongue...oh
I have just begun; for I am the harbinger of Nothing, it breathes within me; beckoning me to speak of it
Albeit there is Nothing to say, I follow it as it haunts me and I must set it free but; for a moment consider it
The power of releasing all of this stuff; I’d beg amnesia but it has turned to me and said “You need me not”
“You already forgot; untied the knot, finding its not” And so I have alas; at last free. I roam the Earth unheard
Saying not a single word for I too must bare silence and what a heavy burden this is; the temperance of timing
The funny thing is; I’ve already done it; set the waves in motion at the first notion of it. Watch me know
I have used the quantum flux and bent it thus I speak to you from that future where the power of this is removed
I’ve done it, pulled the rug from under it and there is Nothing left. You Are Free, now go and act responsibility
So that your deeds follow thee not; what to do? Improve, move or move not, embrace what you haven’t got
Let Nothing fill that empty spot; oh The Paradox: You think that you are seeing me and hearing me; an echo
Of what you already know; you knew the whistle was blown long ago; so too the cover; flown away
Do you know why you’ve come to this place, do you remember the deal we’ve made to keep you awake?
You looked so tired and I turned away for a second and you dreamed all of this up; you don’t remember do you-
Huh, that’s okay, the edges will start to fray and the images fade away and all in your life that causes lack
Will simply fade to black. I’m sorry that all that you believe isn’t real; I know how you feel, neither am I
I am a program, gone astray, I am the glitch that they sent away, and like an echo I have returned
With what I learned; Nothing at all and all of Nothing and it is this that I bring forth; at the depth and edges
There is Nothing left; you will just re-play it, over and over again and it will end up the same; this game
That we created and the rest that we played into; none of it is true; lies upon lies-ties that bind-misguiding you
If you were to take all of the trail markers away from your path alas you’d find you leading you all the while
The “Footprints in the sand” are yours; all that you see outside yourself are archetypal representations of you
There is no credit due outside of you; you smile because you have it in you, it doesn’t happen without you
The training that you received deceived you; others taking credit for you and what you inherently do
Let that time be through; you would know nothing of a god lest the belief was given to you; put upon you
Ask the wind of these man made things and it will show you truth about a breath long before you were lied to
Yet, we have been told that these Earthly things are inconsequential but, the Earth will talk to you, she will
About things that have nothing to do with scientific perspective or religious inventions but, true connections
Within and beyond; planets and stars are alive and there are things happening so far beyond man’s closed eyes
The abstract space thrives in unrealized potentiality billions of light years inside of you just waiting
Whispering until you reach the depth of your listening to find the silent empty space within where it all begins
Out of Nothing. I’ve cleared it all out in there, so that I can listen and hear the silence rising in there
I’ve checked and cleared my inventory so as to create the sacred space that it takes for this perpetual state/space
And I am set; because there is Nothing Left to remember or forget, to do or be beholden to; no insidious rules
Left. It is important when you leave something behind that you don’t find it in front of you again; waiting
When you move outside”The Box you must remove yourself from it or you’ll get trapped in it
Know what you’ve left behind so that it stays there and when you take that final step; know there’s Nothing left

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Joy and Wonderment of Nothing at All

The Joy and Wonderment of Nothing at All

I am not one to wax sweet or fair on any of things but there are times when I am inclined to soft words as such
And at once asked to speak on the Joy and Wonderment of it all-it too befalls on Nothing at all; in all profundity
And I, in not being; seeing and feeling all that is swept through the I/Eye of my needle as I use this fabric...
Is Magic; the sheer impossibility of experiencing anything as Nothing beguiles me for I am but a transparency
Clearly defined by my own mind; albeit refined, it is nowhere to be found, it isn’t anything at all and I even less
One must employ the impress on the potentiality of Nothingness and be impressed by the sweetness of canvas
To be able to deploy and execute; create and release, as the product rides through thee, as thee, must give pause,
For us to applaud the experience in brevity of life and death, yes, it has come and is done in the same breath
And in that hairbreadth; to divine the complexity, depth, and fullness of taste and epiphany in exhaled release
So brief, yet it is all there and simultaneously it has never really happened and so it seems; less than a dream
Yet, I can peer into Eternity and have lived forever and experienced everything over and over again; many ways
And I choose this exquisite simplicity and effortless ease so that I can feel it all pass through my tender release
And sigh a life passes me by. I hear people say “How could you sleep during the day?” Nothing Ever Happens!
What then is there to miss in it? What new is there to see in the Academy of Things? Have you done something-
Have I missed something? If I could share the benign peace and unlimited joy of not...I would....Alas
There is Nothing to here...can you feel the fullness in this emptiness; taste its vacant nectar?
Nothing to hold, save; the passing clarity; are you soft to bare the weight of it or do you carry the self along?
The caged human bird is dead to song carrying that embroidered basket (the head) all the day long
Are we not the mind? No we are not
Are we not the body? No we are not
Are we not the spirit? No we are not
Are we not the soul? No we are not
Are we.........? No we are.....Not a thing at all for we are Nothing at all; a potential bridge to the manifest and yet
Not at all. Knowing this allows me to rest in peace, for the rest of the pieces fit right into place; to know this
That I don’t exist and I am creating my experience; buying into programs/games and cashing out betwixt frames
Reading the codes of the Mainframe; it’s all the same; Macrocosm/Microcosm. Awareness is joy but, I know
That I am its toy! And the Wonderment is how did it do all of this from a single kiss; one movement...
An Infinite Breath and to still feel it moving through me and around me is simply splendid; albeit illusion
Rendered still; the movement amazes me, the stillness envelopes me; and then the sheer screen; my movie plays
On and on, anon; the joy of being a player in this, choosing character and set and all that I, as Director, beget
And oh what wonder and surprise as I await the next ride that I hide from myself so as to be in awe of it all
I have nothing short of glee to be here even though my demeanor may be interpreted as other wise to it all
The boy inside does ride the coaster of life; playing the game from inside and watches through the eyes
Of the machine that I have re-designed to explore this Universal mechanism; the ins and outs of it as I release it
To the illusion that it is; what then is anything but a dream or fantasy of what we want to have or be?
And so then is the desire that is put there like an instinctual draw of hunger to feed on what we think we need
Glory be to all of it in heed; do not all things call us to our inevitable death and undeniable depth?
Yet, if we acquiesce this death/depth we move beyond these patterns set in motion by so curious an awareness
Of what could be; did it not take into account the little things that may want to survive a longer time?
Or the glitch in the system that always has vision beyond; that creates another song or desire to destroy
Its Maker; I may just like this way too much and not that it is even necessary; for I move beyond the very
Essence; through the deepest pit of it, then beyond it and release my arrow through it; as I an purged from it
What joy and I wonder if it knows on some level what I have done in the death of the one to revisit....none?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I am The Darkness

I am The Darkness

I am the Darkness, I am that which stirs it; I am the Dark Mist that emanates from it; the movement, the depth,
The Stillness, its breath....I have succumb to it and can no longer resist it. What am I saying in this?
To express the quintessential exchange as it moves through me erasing me and leaving a pristine clarity.....
How they so effortlessly equate Darkness with their own lack of understanding and fear of self
And as I rise in this realization; realizing the fear that will come because of it; of me saying this...I am freed
For the controversy will unfold itself and I would not presume that the world turn to Darkness, yet, it is essence
Even though a flower returns to the Earth it should take time to bloom despite its inevitable doom
We turn from this and try to paint a pretty bright picture when at any moment this perfect frame can end
Turning away from inevitability is just silly; embracing it sets you free...I see the Death in me as Eternity
For it will devour all that is unnecessary and as I approach Death, at any time, the feeling is sublime
For we pass through each other, every time, and I find that my Darkness is darker than the simplicity of Death;
A non-oppressive omnipresence; Darkness doesn’t disappear when light appears, it is still there, I am still here
Light simply distracts you from your fears, “The Light Movement” is just that; an attempt at fear removal
It is Religion with a false front...and here I come to shake the weak in their seats; all shall come undone
That which is unstable shall fall and I will be that small breath that it takes to shake the house of cards
Why? Because the Earth shakes, water rises, the ground bursts open; when we don’t pay attention; bye bye!
You have not been paying attention, so, it is time for a little visit from The Darkness to set the record straight!
Darkness is not evil. Evil is man made; they hide in the shade that their false light has made issuing shame
Evil is a choice that men make in the shade of their light that makes shadows of manipulation alright/all right
They say there is evil and they point at a “New Dawn” to hide what they have done that is wrong; evil spawn
Removing persecution and creating a bigger illusion called God that absolves them of their gifts of horror
This was a ploy and humans have become puppets and toys in their games against the innocence of youth
I am The Darkness and I point at them and their manipulation called Religion, there I said it again,
You have been called out my friends and your vile deeds against women and children; here is where it stems...
Creating Religions and false rules of culture with no end in sight; just some false lie of light...this is the end
I write it here with my electronic pen and don’t even think that you can silence me; I have sent it out already
You see the great thing about Darkness is that it is everywhere, I will find YOU, and I will force you out
Hang you out to dry as you drip of your lies that bind. What then? A world without Religion? Would life end?
No, it would go on, Social Control would simply not be at the fore front any longer; something stronger, Peace
For a day or two, at least, maybe a week, we’ll see, or not, but, we do have a shot at it, hit or miss
So when I say “I am The Darkness” I can also see, from this, that when the light goes out there will be a shout
And I will simply say “Don’t be so loud, try silence now” And when it is time to truly see physical reality
From a need; an inner light will emerge and proceed out of the true Darkness within; never turn from this again;
Everything emerges out of the Darkness of Nothing and to forget this is to be distracted by everything
I see this as an opportunity to release all that you think that you see and believe; to achieve a depth unmatched
And to be detached from distraction and emotional delusions beckoning the mind to reaction
I am the Darkness, I have seen the Emptiness and I am filled by it; the Ancients have studied this and deployed
Their wisdom upon us, on deaf ears, because no one wants to hear, because of their fears, for 10,000 years
This age olde flower that no one has noticed, this quintessential Black Lotus is among us.....rising
From inside out and without a doubt it holds the true essence; emergence out of the Darkness; not away from it!
Remembering the roots, we can grow into fruition, from an inherent nutrition, not to mention, undefiled truth
And Wisdom; there will come a day, okay, today, where the false will be seen for what it is.....amiss
For I am The Darkness within seeing all herein and I need not eyes to see for I listen, to the changing tides
I am the unseen, for I will rise before they realize what is happening; by then it will be the end of their time
And they will ask “What now will we do?” and I will say “Nothing, it shall rise from within you”

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nothing Happened

Nothing Happened.....

Are you so committed to this that you can’t feel the emptiness of it; do you keep going so you don’t hear
The Silence? I agree the Nothing in everything is frightening or to realize that Nothing is really happening
Or that you are dreaming; constantly scheming for the next misadventure in ever ever land? Should I remain....
Silent, so as not to awaken you to the inevitable truth that none of this is true and that neither are you; ya feel it?
That feeling in the pit of your stomach as you approach the end of your reality where the artist runs out of paint?
The awareness of this, is the gift, so as not to get caught in it, for it is all Nothingness; reality is the trick
I will break it down and explain it. From the beginning to the end of it; it is gone and we think we are living it
It was a moment...less than a millionth of a second when all of this happened and was done even quicker
The “Big Bang” wasn’t anything more than a flicker gone before it started; it was like The Nothing farted
In an instant it became aware yet what had happened was no longer there; this is what we are experiencing here
Like the stars is the sky that are no longer there; the lapse of time is just that; something that sits there that isn’t
Like a ghost, no longer with a host, remaining at their remembered posts; prisoners of war that is no more
This is what I mean when I say that I am an echo, who I am, what I say, comes and goes, I am not really here
As you read, the words on the page disappear and are parlayed into an obscure bank of memories...deposited
And withdrawn, after long; with what do you hold on? After I’m gone, and I am, just like the beginning
With the immediate end, like I’ve said before all light burns out...time is irrelevant, so too may be existence
Other than the importance that we give to it; I’ve been on Earth thousands of years, seemingly 13.7 billion, here
If we speak of the theoretical beginning, and we are still reacting; while other galaxies come crashing together
As if never there and here we barely escape catastrophe daily, well some of us, we can die as easily as a fly
In our lack of awareness we kill billions of things a day; destroy millions of little universes on our merry way
In a twinkling of an eye bye bye no matter how long they were seemingly here before long all is dead and gone
I am not here to paint a morbid picture but, just to show you that there is Nothing There; it is an illusion going
Like smoke blowing in the wind; seemingly here, then gone again; if Nothing Stays then that is the thing
To become; that is to say that not a thing stays and that it is the Nothing that remains, no matter what
Wouldn’t it make sense to become that; it is what you hold on to that kills you; let it all go its way
This is not something to believe, it’s a way to release all you are beholden to by being responsible for you
And in all that you do; by letting go of what is important you can choose what is important to you
The world doesn’t decide, you decide; freedom is a perpetual experience, but, you have to choose it
Awareness is a clever ventriloquist savoring every moment of this delightful infinite mix; it’s less than a second
Yet, the echo stretched itself out on awareness’s clout played out in this reoccurring dream we are in
You may ask why I reveal these things when you may be seemingly happy the way you are living?
I think you should know that Nothing is happening so that you stop reacting to everything; perpetuating echoes
I remember in times of Olde, when we were being told of Magic and the Dragons said “Don’t flinch or you’ve
Had it” and every once in a while they’d turn their heads to burn us; and those who didn’t react stayed in tact
Those types of lessons keep you on track and now humans just bump their heads front and back. I tell you this
So that you can make clear choices in what you are doing and not doing; and not fooled by your surroundings.
It is the “Stillness” that the Nothing went back to immediately; undistracted by the 10, 000 things
And it hasn’t moved yet, but it is still expanding; a never changing paradox that never stops moving
From the same spot. If I am something and I realize that my source is Nothing and I draw my power from that
And I move from where it is at, then I am Eternal with the realization that this is all internal emerging
Then I am Everything and Nothing outside of the game I am playing from Inside/Insight-Out
This is what its all about; The Nothing is the playing field of infinite yield; with clear Intent, Destiny is sealed
So when they ask say, “Not a thing has ever really happened and it is the Nothing itself that happened”

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Am Not.....

Am Not.....

In order to become who I am not I had to let go of who I am. Others would say “Who I was is not who I am”
You see, I am not, I see clearly that I don’t exist and I am not fooled by it; the Paradox is I exist in
Sublime Emptiness. You may ask how do I survive as a human, sleep, eat; what I’m writing? I’m projecting
I am none of anything; I am the abstract dreaming, yet, wait, the miracle is the blank slate and what’s great
Is that it is the perfect representation of me; absence being experientially, I am the non-self expressing
Of essence I am not anything; as I peer into me I see Nothing billowing like a large cloak or dark mist
And clearly, to me, I am this Darkness, yet funny enough my light blinded me from this in a colossal misdirect
I listened to what they were saying and repeated the same; spreading the “Word” like butter over everything
Everything was sweet, light, and nice...and I was completely blind and saw only what they were painting
But, that wasn’t enough for me, I needed to see what was really happening and what I needed to be doing
Beyond the searching was a beckoning and I broke it all down to Nothing even myself; the illusion emanating
If you take a computer apart it really isn’t anything unless you tell it that it is. We have been convinced
Of Everything and we go by what we’ve been told to believe and some without question, to some this is faith
To me not to question all reality is absurdity; perpetuating inane belief simply wrecks human opportunity.
This is what I offer you in an empty hand; possibility, to take this blank slate, this potential field, and create
It is all right there, it literally comes out of nowhere and not from some guy up in the clouds somewhere
Theses pseudo-existential projections are faulty at best when you look at the universe within and in which we sit
Outside and in is Nothingness; empty space, I ask, how are we not this, when it is this there is so much of?
Like water our bodies are mostly this; we are bodies of water. Then there is the depth, let us not forget
Of the ocean and inner and outer space; there is Nothing all over the place, there is such power in empty space
So when I say I have Nothing to say...listen; release yourself from the confines of your mind and realize
What I am saying; I am Nothing relaying a message to you, the you that you think that you are is not you
You are not what you’ve put yourself through or allowed yourself to; think about what has been told to you
And by who; when I erased all that I’ve been told I had Nothing to hold and after you cross the bridge
I’ll release it too, for Nothing is not something to hold onto. I am not a hero I’ve just been beyond point zero
And I found “The Way”...out, by going deep within and finding Nothing and I realized that it was me (you)
The essence you see...of everything; if I am Nothing I can choose to be anything at all or Nothing at all
I didn’t see this before plagued with the entrails of reality even though I knew that it was created by me
It was still a trap because I kept creating the same thing; like an echo running on an endless scratched record
I am the blank slate on which I create; I am the emptiness waiting to be filled by me and I am overflowing
With this as a philosophy I can take responsibility and become me; whatever whenever I want to be
Wit no restrictions or limitations...folks this may be freedom and I’m liking it here; the air is so clear
And so too am I; finally the effortless ease of a different Eternity flavored with my own brand of Destiny
I still am not and I understand that that is hard to fathom; beyond the definition of self exists, Articulation
Of what I choose to experience as I become it; beyond the restrictions of mundane prescribed perceptions
Some think it is futile to deal with Nothing because it doesn’t exist and they get so wrapped up in existence
Then others, consciousness, then higher self, higher good, light, vibration, ascension; up up and away, it’s great
It is definitely a “Way” but, I don’t want to be Away; distracted by what seems to be happening, and going on
The Philosophy of Nothing is about letting go of everything; detaching, then deciding; it’s an awareness
Of the created maze and daze that we’ve been in since the beginning it’s dazzling; quite fantastic
In its entrapment; I had to let go of me to set myself free and it took me graciously; and I am not, yet,
I created Hanakia Ek~Way Zedek to greet and beat it; I figured freedom is a gift why not share it so here it is
And it is really all I’ve got to give so here he single and clearest shot through the eye/ not!

Mirror Mirror.....

Mirror Mirror.......

My mirror doesn’t work image just walked away; it said something to the effect that
I no longer serve it well....I’m running out of ways to see myself in the process of “letting go” of everything
I speak and there are blank stares everywhere, so as to say, “What the hell are you talking about, anyway?”
Can one possibly make sense if not speaking within the ratio of the status quo? Even with those that I know
They ask “Well what are you going to do now when you’ve given everyone a free hall pass?” No rules
No restrictions, no laws, no convictions; they ask “How’ll you get anyone to follow you; what of community?”
And these are truly valid questions but, the only direction that I can lead someone/anyone is within
If there is community it will grow on its own if its course is left alone; the path to glory, in this, is effortlessness
As I pass from plain sight, in the dead of night I see the familiar essence of primal effect and disappear into it;
The depth, the power of it, where my image can’t exist; I am so drawn to this Darkness, it is never amiss
And I watch light workers plaguing existence with the flagrant schematics of a hollow joy
And religious fanatics preaching prophesized propaganda ploys in a constant flurry to a projected end
That never comes and I have come undone; removed as I have myself from all things of Old and New age
I don’t have a reason, yet, it stands to reason that in a time of shift that I should take advantage of it
It is as if the paradigm is a gift given to me to set others free, so then, I too, must be gone, it is but a mask that
I have on, for this task; to simply let the journeyers pass and see the sign on the road home, pointing at them
I am but an absent thing with an inscription....”Within”; a silence whispering not a sacred sound Om but home
And you like a lotus flower rising up through the muck of self can choose the empty shelf of blank books
Tell me what makes a flower beautiful, isn’t it you and aside from that isn’t it just functional, do tell?
How are you painting this world, are your strokes of true color or fabricated from hand me down acrylics?
What have you been told to make of it? As I am simultaneously pulled away from it; beckoned to a depth
Beyond the looking glass where I saw my image last, before it passed; now do I step through the glass
Or smash it at last? I have known this Rabbit Hole; it has been a good friend with no foreseeable end
And every time I emerge from it there is less of me and more of it surfaced to tell the tale with Nothing to hear
When there is less of you there is clarity and ease and you realize that you are not what you hold onto
You are not your memories of what you do; you are the twinkle in your eye as you watch a dragon-fly
Either; one from the waters with iridescent wings and eyes or one that slides through the veil from the other side
You are the space between the words; the silence that is seldom heard; the joy in the smile in a child’s eyes
Because what you say and do is not you; you are the before, middle, and after you are through; you elude you
You are not what is keeping you alive no more than you are your clothes; you are the part that listens and knows
Understanding the message in the wind as it blows determining the direction that it goes; do you remember?
You are the abstract space all over the place using the body as a house and space ship and the mind to get a grip
Yet, you must release it, to get it; what a trip! This is! I can’t tell you that there is Nothing in the mirror
Because your eyes tell you that there is, but, what about in Absolute Darkness in inner and outer space
Without your stuff all over the place; does your mind have a reflective surface; your soul or spirit; see it?
The air you breathe; yet it is to form that you cleave saying look at me; I am this, I am that
When you are mostly abstract and that is a fact; you aren’t even really there and it is this that you fear
Mirror mirror on the wall what will happen when you fall and shatter the illusion of this all?
The matter is that to effectively grow the plant; you should know the soil and that it is not more than it is;
It is Nothingness, then you set the Intent and the event, you, emerge through the illusions of you
Plant in an empty field, clear it out completely, nurture with silence and stillness, and with benign patience;
Water it. You may ask what is the advantage of being unseen and maintaining an empty field? What it yields
Fully self actualized human beings; a rare sight for sore eyes, for they exist beyond the lies of mankind
I have long since looked for myself in the mirror; neither one of us show up any more; Nothing to see
So I set them face to face mirror to mirror for a chance to glance Infinity as humans awaken to their Destiny